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Thank You!

First I want to open with a big thank you to those early CloudPress LP customers! There were delays in rolling out some of your sites due to recent unexpected turmoil in my personal life the past couple months, and I appreciated greatly the understanding and patience you showed me during that period.

CloudPress LP Signups

Starting today and for the foreseeable future, new CloudPress LP signups will be by referral only! With just a small team and several other projects still under development, it is very important that we don’t stretch our resources too thin so we can continue to make progress on new products and services while maintaining the highest standards of service for our CloudPress subscribers. For the time being, new subscribers will only be accepted with a referral code. Join the NerdMercs Discord community to learn more.

CloudPress Pro Rework

I have made the decision to take CloudPress Pro back to formula and completely rework the admin user interface. There are many great WordPress themes for customizing the WordPress frontend, but tools for customizing the WordPress backend are generally lacking. With so many features integrated into CloudPress Pro, navigating through all the admin menus was becoming quite laborious and unintuitive.

The CloudPress Pro redesign will still be powered by WordPress with all the same great features, but with a completely new administrative interface built on the Quasar Framework and powered by VueJS. This will greatly simplify the admin user interface, and makes customizing your own admin dashboard incredibly easy. It will also dramatically improve performance, and provide far greater usability on mobile devices. Sign up here to be notified when the new Quasar powered CloudPress Pro version is available for preview.

NEW! CloudPress Academy

A lesson learned from 2020 is that the way lessons are learned online could stand to be greatly improved. We are combining ALL of our CloudPress Campaigns together with our new Quasar powered CloudPress Pro service to create a CloudPress powered online learning platform. CloudPress Academy will serve as a proof of concept to demonstrate how the same tools used for online marketing and advertising can be repurposed to improve the ways we provide online educational resources and training materials. If you are interested in trying this free CloudPress Academy demo course when it becomes available, sign up here.


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